Structural Steel Detailing and Estimation

The design and detailing of reinforced concrete frames is a complex process that requires intensive real-time information exchange between various design tasks.

The HamerKopsolutions are best to do work closely with architects, engineers, general contractors and steel fabricators. We usually find employment with steel fabricators, engineeringfirms, or independent steel detailing companies, general contractors and engineers.

Steel detailing involves the creation of detailed drawings for fabricators and contractors, and includes plans and estimates, as well as other reports and important tasks.

Structural steel detailing is an important and mandatory process in all types of manufacturing and construction activities

Our structural design team is capable of analyzing complex design issues and arriving at solutions that have a significant positive impact on projects.

Our knowledge, expertise and experience across diverse domains such as architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical/plumbing design, and in various construction materials such as steel and concrete, provide us the necessary competitive edge.